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August 10, 2004


T: Central

I think the answer to your wonderful(horrible?) question can depend on how you feel about your concentration.

When I was but a wee frosh, I loved my concentration and didn't have a good approach to learning for fun (i.e. electives).

Three years later, having realized I chose the wrong concentration and having figured out how to enjoy the academic part of school, I would have given anything to have more electives.

Um, is that REALLY the description for "The Chinese Literati"? Seems like a bit of a disconnect, though it could be taken out of contest...

And did I hear Larry is teaching Globalization & Whiners with Sandel? ;-)


I meant horrible in the sense that the course catalog is a foot thick and I want to take every course except the ones in my own concentration :-)

It is really the description for Chinese Literati - it's a L&A C (IIRC you went to Harvard right TCentral?) so what do you expect...damn core!


Ummm... you duplicated the description for American Democracy.

Literature and Arts C-40. The Chinese Literati
Catalog Number: 5226
Peter K. Bol
Half course (spring term). Tu., Th., at 11, and a weekly section to be arranged. EXAM GROUP: 13
Examines from literary, philosophical, and historical perspectives the creation in later imperial China of an enduring national culture, which flourished through dynastic change and foreign conquest. Particular attention is given to the role of the literati and their work as poets, essayists, novelists, painters, moral philosophers, and political thinkers. Themes include the relation of culture to political authority, the search for grounds for individual responsibility, the literary and artistic representation of the self, growing ambivalence toward political service, and the rise of individualism. Introduces Chinese approaches to interpreting literary, artistic, and philosophical works.
Note: For students under the Core requirement, counts as either Literature and Arts C or Historical Study B, but not both.

Lit and Arts C is the worst core. Sorry you have to take it.

T: Central

Thanks, e (good nerd name). I was reminded of the construct that goes something like "The Chinese Literati was neither Chinese, nor Literati. Discuss."

And my L & A C was pretty cool. Celtic beheadings and trumpets and stuff.


Actually some of this year's offerings do look OK. I was just told during the Core reform period that some concentrations were jockeying for exemption from L&A C because it had historically been the weakest.

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