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July 30, 2004



Agreed. He really turned back many of the criticisms against him. Ex. He is serious. Well, we need a serious leader, especially in such a serious time. Ex 2. He see complexities. Life isnt simple, especially now. And the daughters were amazing too, just great.


Zoe, I so agree with what you said. The whole convention, while long at times, managed to set everything up perfectly for his speech. I appreciate that he didn't try to be an Obama or a Clinton and played to his own strengths. His speech moved me too, and I watched it at home on Tivo.
Congrats on the new blog! I look forward to reading your insights. (Found you via Pandagon!)


...he's got a big sexy brain...

Indeed. Well said. I watched on C-Span and was bowled over too. And loved the testimony from his daughters. The fact that Rush Limbaugh (or so I hear) is now getting big mileage from the hamster story only underlines their desperation.


Sept 9, 2001. What a date to move to this country!

Zoe, I am curious as to where you are from, particularly as you seem to be very involved in partisan American politics. Speaking as a proud Canadian expat, while I am very interested in American politics I don't feel the connection to it that I feel towards political parties back home. Care to enlighten us?


Sept 9, 2001. What a date to move to this country!

Zoe, I am curious as to where you are from, particularly as you seem to be very involved in partisan American politics. Speaking as a proud Canadian expat, while I am very interested in American politics I don't feel the connection to it that I feel towards political parties back home. Care to enlighten us?


Hi Ranjan -
Welcome to my blog (welcome to you all, indeed).

I was born in NH (where I am registered to vote - yay, my vote counts!) but never lived there except in the summers. I then lived for 2 and a half years in Manhattan, when we moved to Hong Kong. I spent 13 years there, and then moved to the UK to finish up and do my A-levels, and then moved to the US for college.

Although we were expats, growing up in Hong Kong as an American and NOT a Brit definitely affirmed my Americanism more than living in the UK itself would have done. There were great incentives to distinguish oneself from the local colonial power, etc etc.

This is actually an interesting subject - more on this tomorrow probably :-)


I too found you through Pandagon - welcome - and, although I am a former Deaniac, I too cried when Kerry spoke - Hope is on the way.


I found you through pandagon...great blog, and read your regrets about living in Bush-dominated America. I have to say that things were not so great under Clinton -- read Thomas Frank on the crazy market populism of those years to get an idea of how a go go economy and official multiculturalism can also kill a democratic culture of dissent.

It was also the time of Newt Gingrich, the republican revolution in Congress. All I'm saying is, when Kerry is elected, there is still work to be done, especially in the democratic wing of the democratic party.


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