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July 31, 2004



You are so right.

Where were the Dixie Chicks?

Ailita Bugg

No country? Willie Nelson is chopped liver?

What about American Idol wannabes singing jumped up show tunes? I didn't hear any of that.

Mac Thomason

Like Jenny, I was surprised to not see the DCs. Which reminds me, is there any chance of Toby Keith not performing at the GOP Convention?

Dimmy Karras

At yesterday's Bush rally, when he walked off they played some country tune "Only in America."


I have to agree with Alita Bugg - Willie Nelson is country music royalty. Not to mention he collaborated with Toby Keith on a big hit this year. And he's a famous Texan.
It would be hard to get a bigger name in Country Music than Willie Nelson without digging up someone dead.


Count me in on the "What about Willie" camp. Seems as country as they get. As to why other progressive country acts might not want to show, well the right did a good job scaring off the Dixie Chicks, don't you think? They made an example out of them to scare off the Garth Brookses out there. These folks aren't stupid. They know they depend on their audience for the livlihood. If a significant segment are hard-core GOPer's, showing up at the DNC will be a risk. Most celebs are risk-adverse by nature, so I can't blame them. Especially with the way the Dixie Chicks were treated, which went well beyond the treatment of "okay to be left-wing" celebs like Janeane or Danny Glover.


Not to be pedantic (of course, I'm being pedantic) we owe Woodie Guthrie BIG TIME for _This Land is Your Land_. Not to mention the bi-partisan folks at www.jibjab.com. (feh!)


Oh, and as for Willie, I was a little disappointed in him and his collaboration with Toby "can I get a bigger hat?" Keith and the arguably reactionary _ Whiskey For My Men, Beer For My Horses_. Heh, maybe it's just me. I worship Willie and this tune bummed me out no end.


Steve Earle would have been good!


You don't have country music at the convention when the only country singer there sings with a gospel choir as backup. It ain't country without the pedal steel guitar, the wailing fiddle and the usual country subjects - women, boats, pick-up trucks, 9/11, fishing, that sort of thing.

He may be a country singer, but I bet his performance at the convention (much as I enjoyed it) got him voted out of the country hall of fame for insufficient country cred.


Word, Willie.

And also, though John Cougar Mellencamp isn't technically country, he gets damn close. Especially with "Small Town," which he sang in person before Edwards came on.


But who could they have gotten? It is my impression that Clear Channel has done a more impressive job of gathering up Country stations than any other type. It would need to be an artist that had the market power to go against the big media companies (Your looking at the Willie, Alan, Garth level.) I was hoping for Alan Jackson singing "Where Were You" for the Sept. 11 Tribute.
On top of that they would have to be Democrats.
That is not going to be a long list of people. I would imagine that the Dixie Chicks management has sat down and said let's try to keep them out of political situations for the next little while.
Am I the only one that wishes Toby Keith would stop picking out good songs so I could just hate him? Yes "Angry American" and "If I was Jesus" are terrible but "Wish I Didn't Know Now" and "You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This" are great songs.

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