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August 01, 2004


Kevin Thurman

Cutest? I have yet to meet Jesse, but as for Ezra you should get out more ;)

I really enjoyed your work at the convention and am so glad that your blogging here. Another blog to add to the rss feed ... good luck!


Oh be quiet - they're both adorable. I'm actually serious...I had the best time at the convention with them, although I'm sure I was a pain in the ass, and the whole sprite accident thing was inadvertently my fault. My computer was fried at the convention too, the day before, when a delegate stepped on my computer, so I felt doubly awful :-(

Thanks for the encouragement though - keep coming back! :-)

Kevin Thurman

Okay ... okay ... I have a crush on Ezra ... that's really why I downplayed how cute he is. I don't know why those two things go together. But I am trying too keep in the theme of being sarcastically shocking.

Wow, two computers? And you still had a good time? That is impressive.

On a serious note, I've known Ezra for a year and a half and he is as exactly as you describe and he's a big fan of yours as well.


Kevin loves me very, very much...he's just trying to save face. Loving the blog, Zoe.

lady c

Many thanks for the welcome mat. Pandagon's a pretty good source of referrals. Don't know how cute they are, but they've got great taste for such a young pair. Good luck with your new endeavor.


Thanks for the welcome. Pandagon sent me too! I'm enjoying your writing and will add your link to our "Political Sites, News & Blogs--" listing at PatrioticLeft.com. Good luck and have fun!


Your stuff for Gadflyer was pretty killer. I'm glad Jesse and Ezra propped this blog, or else I may not have found it. Keep up the good stuff.


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