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August 09, 2004



great post.

Am I the only one, btw, who has noticed that the NYT really doesn't care about human rights in China anymore? What's up with that? They used to beat on China, like, every day! I took it upon myself to get all bent out of shape about the Times' non-coverage of the Uighers and the Tibetans in the fall, but to little avail. Now it's all about the benjamins.

T: Central

Welcome back, Z-Dub.

Thanks for the link to a very weak article.

First of all, the author cites no evidence that the anti-Japanese sentiment has actually increased. Second, the author doesn't even identify some sort of baseline from which increased enmity might be alleged!

It's like saying "Unemployment has become a more serious problem of late. Just look how miserable this unemployed dude is. Thank you very much."


I swear, I have the funniest readers in the world. First that pirate joke from praktike, and now you, TCentral.

I had a wonderful weekend - anyone who lives in the northeast and is really nice to me might be able to come up and go swimming sometime :-)


Nationalism is always encouraged when all other forms of political expression is squelched. It's really disturbing and yes, like praktike writes, all about the benjamins. So you have this incredibly repressive government with all these greedy frustrated people chasing the good life and we (I am Chinese-American) are about to become the world's economic powerhouse. For the greater cause of democracy, I am rather dismayed, because I think the sentiment of a good part of people who have made it in China is -- you see we made without political reform!

I heard recently from friends and relatives who have travelled there that the Chinese have lost all respect for America -- this is very interesting, and very scary, because in a sense, they've been kept in check...

I'm going myself soon, and I'll be spending the year in Taiwan, so I'll keep you posted.

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