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August 02, 2004


T: Central


"President Bush did not specify the specific geo-political factors he believes are the causes of terrorism."

Duh, the causes of terrorism aren't geopolitical, they're, um, evilness!

And Frenchie appeasement.

Get thee some Ricola!


I would say it's not quite a circular argument, it is really a circular definition. I don't see any "argument" involved.

The definition of a terrorist is an evil person who wants to hurt us. So, Bush hasn't made an argument, he has just told us the definition of terrorist.

So how does one get labeled a terrorist rather than a freedom figher? Simple. George Bush says so. And if you're not with him, your against him!


Oh sib...how did we ever end up with politicians who say things like this? I'm willing to bet cold hard cash that either one of us could do a better job than this popinjay of a president.

And you're right - I'm being too generous by calling the whole thing an "argument". The only "argument" in there is when he says "they hate us because they're evil".

terrorist, n. "a person who wants to hurt the united states."
person who wants to hurt the united states, n. (plus adjectival phrase), "terrorist."


OK, so a pirate walks into a bar. The bartender notices that stuffed in the pirate's pants is a steering wheel, so he asks the pirate, "You know there's a steering wheel in your pants, right?"

To which the pirate replies: "I know, and it's driving me nuts!"


I'm embarassed to say that you actually made me laugh, praktike. That is a truly terrible joke.


I've got a terrible pirate joke for every blogpost.

You have been warned.


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